This internet site is dedicated to two exceptional products that we particularly likes, either together, or individually, the Oolong tea, called as well blue tea, and flowers of the butterfly pea. That’s why we called this site Blue teas and butterfly to allow you to better know those exceptional products and eventually to buy them for your utmost pleasure.

Welcome in this travel in the land of taste, colours and fantasy….

Blue teas also called Oolong teas, Wulong, or even black dragon are teas of which oxydation as been artificially not completed. 

Originated from China or Taiwan those tea stays between green and black tea depending of more or less oxydation. This tea is without bitterness and are usually made of full leaves. The manufacturing process is the same as for black tea but with one or several stop of oxydation through an artificial heating.  

The result is in between a green tea and black tea, and when infused having taste of chestnut more or less grilled. It’s a tea very low in cafeine content.Our tea Oolong is coming from north Thailand culture (Chiang Rai) and is having a low oxydation, offering flavours of green tea, flower and sweet notes.


Blue tea isn’t blue, of course, that’s why we assembled it wit an other plant which has a strong natural coloring capability, the Butterfly pea.

The butterfly pea, also called blue pea vine, is issued from tropical regions of Asia.Its scientific name is Clitoria Teranatea, Fabacea familly. Because of its capability to fix azot, it is currently used to enrich soiled, and is even used in Australia to depolution of industrial site or old mines. It’s an aromatic and medicinal plant, wich particularity is its flower having a strong natural colouring power.

Those flowers of 4 centimeters long, for 3 centimeters wide are delicates and parfumed and are used since several hundred of years in Indonesia, Thailand, or Burma  to prepare cold or warm drinks, cooks or even incorporate into dishes.

Our project is to cultivate this plant here, in Nivillac

This year we will proceed to the first trial to see if we can make it “localised” in Britany. The benefit of the sales of those teas will go to finance this culture. We have organic grounds (5000 square meters) at disposal to start and see if we can cultivate it without green houses.

Here are some exemple of what can be done with our blue teas and butterfly peas! Enjoy!